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Doaa Farouk El-Desouky, an artist & a teacher at the Faculty of Applied arts, Helwan University .. graduated from the department of advertising in 1998 with honours & was appointed as an instructor at the same department in 1998 .. participating in the artistic movement since graduation till now in the fields of painting & graphic design.. obtained Masters in advertising & was appointed as assistant teacher in 2002 . Prepared thesis & registered for obtaining Ph.D in advertising in 2003. Obtained PH.D in Advertising & was promoted as a teacher at the department of advertising in 2006.

Experiencing art ..

Through the year 2000 it was a great opportunity joining the free department of painting & portraiture at the faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo , where i took my free studies in potraiture & oil painting together with people of different professions & age.. it was a great experience mingling with people who shared the love for art & the joy of studying it.. This study was of a great benefit to me as i got more aquainted with oil color as a material & oil painting as a technique .



Welcome to my homepage..

Welcome to my website .. through my site you can get familiar with my art & scientific work .. you can navigate the site for information about my art & activities , & explore my art style through my catalogue .. comments & points of view are most welcomed via e-mail through my contact information ... with my regards.


The experience of teaching.. 

In the years following my appointment as a demonstrator at the faculty of applied arts, i had the chance to learn the art of teaching through my professors .. in the field of dealing & relating to the students it was of a great challenge to me as being close in age & experience .. this needed a lot of effort conveying the character of the menteur & taking responsibility as both a teacher & a supervisor . It was a great experience not only in the field of teaching , but also on a human level..

Behind the Scenes of My Home Page

"Sawa" Workshop..

One of the most exciting experiences in my art life is the "Sawa" workshop for visual arts held at the" Townhouse" gallery in Cairo on June 2006, where people of different cultures & nationalities gathered in one place seeking the joy of experimentation through art . This workshop worked as a big embrace for both professional & amateur artists , & even beginners to share the experience of art .. It was a great opportunity for me , as it was honour co-organizing & sharing in this event .