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Photo Gallery

My events page is a place to display my photos of events & activities . On my events page, u can find a title or a brief description of each photo in the caption beneath it.

Free studies exhibition ,department of painting & portraiture , Faculty of Fine Arts,Cairo April, 2000 ..with Professor Hazem Fathallah ,the dean of the faculty & Professor Hamed Sakr the Head of the free department studies.

Professor Mostafa Kamal ,professor of advertising & the chief of Art & Design Academy , inaugurating my first solo exhibition " Miniatures" color schemes at Kortoba Gallery Cairo , December 2003

My Masters discussion together with the Commitee , Prof.Hazem Fathallah, Prof. Mostafa Kamal,& Prof. Atteiat El-Gabry, Faculty of Applied Arts, September 2001

Discussing my Masters Thesis at the Faculty of Applied Arts Hall, 2001

My Ph.D discussion , appearing with the Commitee, Faculty of applied Arts , January 2006

Together with Prof. Atteiat El-Gabry& Prof. Mahmoud Yossry at my Ph.D discussion.

The third festival exhibition of the National Association of Fine Arts Alexandria, August 2006.

A photo wih Mr.Mohsen Shalan , the Head of Fine Arts Sector at the exhibition of The National Assotiation of Fine Arts , August 2006 .

Me & my collegues in the closing ceremony of the 1st "Sawa" workshop , at theTownhouse Gallery ,together with Mr.William Wells the Director of the gallery.. July 2006

Together with my collegues & our work.

Adding color to some of my artwork .. Sawa workshop,January 2007.

Together with my colleagues at "Sawa" paper workshop, March 2007.

One of my artworks .. Sawa paper workshop, March 2007

"The way there" solo exhibition at Townhouse Onsite,June 2007